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Pre-opening Operational Assistance

It is vital for the future Club operation to establish clear guidelines in the form of procedures for each operating department of the Club. It is equally important with today’s escalating labour cost and shortage of skilled labour to adopt procedures that are less labour-intensive yet effective in delivering service.

Establish Department Operational ProceduresEstablish Department Operational Procedures

In conjunction with the General Manager of the property, operational procedures will be tailored for the entire operating department. This includes drafting of the Club Constitution, Articles, Rules, Regulations and Byelaws and a Policy Manual.


Establish Manning Guide and Recruitment ScheduleEstablish Manning Guide and Recruitment Schedule

This refers to preparing a detailed Manning Guide by position, together with an overall Organisation Chart, Recruitment Schedule (staggered over the opening period) and departmental staff Handbook.

This approach implements modern administrative personnel practices to limit staff turnover, ensure efficiency and develop a well-trained, hospitable corps of staff.

The Consulting Team will arrange a series of personnel training conferences, workshops and seminars in such fields as Reception Operations, Telephone Techniques, Locker Room Management, Complaints Handling and Social Skills, Fitness Assessment and Exercise Programming, Gymnasium Floor Management, Preventive Maintenance, Computer Skills, Selling Skills, Up-selling and Cross- selling, Marketing, Housekeeping and Facility Bookings.

Also made available is a variety of training opportunities in other Clubs, Hotels and Resorts. All costs for participating personnel such as salaries, transportation, board and accommodation in connection with any such programme will be for the account of the Client.

Purchasing AssistancePurchasing Assistance

Direct manufacturer contact through the Leisure Consultants wide range of contacts and influence in the industry will bring tremendous savings and ensure value-for-money, packaged prices. Consolidated freight and shipping will bring further savings in capital expenditure. Procurement services are usually based on a percentage of the contracted purchase price for items purchased.

Financial Budget and Business ModellingFinancial Budget and Business Modelling

This involves the preparation (with associated recommendations) to the Owners of a Financial Forecast covering the first twelve (12) months of operation. Detailed assumptions and formulae will be given to allow sensitivity analyses to be performed.


Preparation of Pre-opening Budget Preparation of Pre-opening Budget

A detailed projection of Pre-opening expenses will be presented to the Owners for information and approval.


Prepare 5 Year Forecast Prepare 5 Year Forecast

A detailed 5-year operating forecast with assumptions based on historical trends and an account of the impact of possible influencing factors will be prepared and submitted.


Project Budget Control

The Leisure Consultants will execute, through the project accountant, a controlling function on the overall Project Budget and advise the Owners of critical areas and steps to be taken such as value engineering, strategic cost cutting exercises, substitutions and acceptable deletions.


Accounting Systems GuidanceAccounting Systems Guidance

This would include setting up a computerised accounting system in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts to the degree permitted by local laws, conventions and custom. This system will allow easy comparison of the performance of the Club with similar establishments of comparable class within the industry.


Pre-opening Training Plan

The Leisure Consultants will prepare a Pre-opening familiarisation and training Plan for all employees including guest-contact staff in other departments.



Maintenance Services PlanningMaintenance Services Planning

A Preventive Maintenance Programme will be established for all specialist equipment with supervision of the programme to ensure performance is maximised and expenses minimised.



IT Systems Recommendations and IntegrationIT Systems Recommendations and Integration

The Leisure Consultants will constantly evaluate emerging technologies and monitoring contemporary industry trends and needs. Optimum solutions are determined by integrating a wide variety of applications to produce advanced customer and member-focused models rather than mere management based solutions.


Analysis Analysis

This involves making critical analysis of the profit and loss statement for the Club once operations are established. Recommendations will be made to streamline operations, maximise revenues and minimise costs. A full Management Operations Review (MOR) is also available.



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