Over the years ILC India have been appointed for various club development projects across the country. We have classified the projects under the following 4 broad categories. Please click on the below categories to get a detailed list of projects executed -



Residential Clubs

ILC India have been involved in the conceptual and design development of many of India’s premiere, luxury residential club consulting Club developments - once again demonstrating an intimate knowledge of the various "local" markets in the country.

Listing of Residential Club Projects


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Commercial Clubs

From fine dining and executive entertainment, International Leisure Consultants have the club consulting experience and proven ability to produce outstanding revenue centres in a variety of City Centre locations in the Asian region:

  • Jaipur Development Club
  • Kumar Urban Development Ltd.(KUL) , Pune Club
  • Dasvino Lavasa
  • Maker Maxity
  • Palais Royale
  • Indirapuram Habitat Centre
  • Kohinoor Club

Listing of Commercial Club Projects

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Sports and Recreation Clubs

Whether in the city, the suburbs or in the countryside, International Leisure Consultants can create the ultimate sports, recreation and leisure experience for the most demanding user. In the modern world, expectations are extremely high - and International Leisure Consultants rises to the challenge with tantalizing and innovative solutions to the quest for the consummate enjoyment of members and their guests.

Listing of Sports and Recreation Club Projects

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On Going Management

ILC India are managing the 35,000 sft Club Opal in Chennai. This is a residential club which is being developed for approximately 2000 resident families living in the Olympia Opaline development on the OMR in Chennai.
 ILC India also established the Dasvino Town and Country Club and worked on the development of the club, through to providing the initial management support to the club. The club is spread over an area of 60,000 sft and provides a variety of facilities to its members.

Listing of On Going Management Projects




From remote destination Spa locations to city centre day spas and beauty/hair care salons, International Leisure Consultants are experienced in the technical and marketing aspects of Spa design, setup and operations. The intrigue and mystique of the ancient Spa in European, Asian and American cultures have been blended into a truly cosmopolitan, unique modern-day spa consulting Spa concept by International Leisure Consultants with appropriate bias in the various markets of Asia. No other company has such a grasp of the sensitive nature of this important and lucrative aspect of leisure and recreation provision.

Listing of Spa Projects

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